April 30, 2012

Here is a way on how to create a simple batch file virus

Write it in a notepad
Cycle a message in your friend's computer(code is given below)
Type :

@ECHO off
msg * Hi
msg * Are you having fun?
msg * I am!
msg * Lets have fun together!
msg * Because you have been o-w-n-e-d

Save it as "Anything.BAT" and send it.

Trick to Show Your name after time in taskbar

Trick to Show Your name after time in taskbar...

Try this trick to add up ur name in place of AM and PM beside time 
Its simple

Step-1:- Navigate to -> Start -> Control Pannel -> Regional and Language Option -> 

Click on Customize -> Go to TIME Tab -> Change AM symbol and PM symbol from AM 

and PM to ur name -> Apply -> Ok ...

Did It change? If not, follow step-2 below.

Step2:- Now go to time in taskbar and Double Click it to open "Date and time

property" ...Look place where time changes in digital form i.e. 02:47:52 AM , click to

arrow to cnage the AM or PM by selecting and press arrow. It will Show ur name or

name that was entered by u, Apply -> OK and be HAPPY 8)