April 10, 2013

Create a Shutdown Shortcut that Looks like a Folder

I guess this is the most easiest and simplest ways between those computer pranks
  • create a shortcut to “shutdown.exe ” on the desktop
  • change the icon to a regular folder
If you want to changer the time For The shutdown
shutdown -s -t 1925000 -c “System error: overloaded porn folder”
If the victim Is using Windows Xp  ,the feeling is respectable and spectacular,and you can have many fun with the shutdown time… on Windows 7  it’s a bit different The sign won’t be obvious but still see something that will confuse the victim .
Note: on Windows 7 or Vista you’d also need to disable UAC or else they’ll see a prompt.

Making PC type the word “SPACE” hitting the space bar

This Prank Will drive Your Friend Crazy Trying To figure What is going on
The trick is actually pretty simple it’s all about creating and autohotkey :
  • Create a new autohotkey script
  • add those two line
  • save it
  • right click on the script and compile it
  • watch the fun !!

how to Give Access to Your Gmail Account Without Sharing Password

You might that this a bit strange title
but there is sometimes when you can be absent or in some vacation and you want from a friend to login into your gmail account but without having to give him the password  For more security
And For this purpose, Google has managed to provided a feature that will help you add guests to your Gmail and give all the authorities in the management of your Gmail account or as as well as some other Google services but without the possibility of penetration /Hacking and changeyour password change.
it’s a very simple way simply enter your Google account click on Settings as in the picture
How to Give Access to Your Gmail Account Without Sharing Password
Then go to the accounts and import and click on add another account After you enter the Gmail guest account,
add another account how to Give Access to Your Gmail Account Without Sharing Password
Message will reach the other side for the acceptance of the addition, where after acceptance must wait approximately 30 minutes in order to allow him to manage your account, so just by clicking on the image visitor (guest) in the mail box the choose to log on to your account,
delegated email access how to Give Access to Your Gmail Account Without Sharing Password
So the guest will be able to read and reply to messages in addition to managing other Google services associated with your account.

April 04, 2013

Show Your Name In the System Clock IN WINDOWS 7

This tip is absolutely and completely useless, and will even make applications that depend on timestamps have issues. It’s mostly just to be used as a cool trick you can show off to your friends, so we’re going to show you how it works.
The way this trick works is by modifying the regional settings for the time format. Instead of using just AM or PM, you can put up to 12 characters of text in that field.
Start by opening Regional and Language Options from the start menu search box or the control panel.
On the Formats tab you’ll see the “Customize this format” button, which you’ll need to choose.
Select the Time tab, and then here’s where we can make whatever settings we want.
I chose to set mine to “AM – Geek” so I could still see AM or PM, but you can choose any 12 characters for either field. Keep in mind that the PM symbol is only going to display during the “PM” hours.
This does change more than just the displayed clock, so I’d advise not using this on a computer you do actual work on. Using the F5 key in notepad shows the “Geek” text as well:
It’s one of those things that’s interesting to know… just not very useful. It does work in XP as well.

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January 31, 2013

Install windows OS from USB

If you often try out new versions of Windows, then WiNToBootic can be an excellent program to have saved on your hard disk. This free program has the sole function of creating boot disks using ISO images. WiNToBootic is a very simple program to use, lightweight and beautiful. Only these qualities are enough to recommend it a test. However, during our test, the application was extremely quick and functional. The conversion of ISO images has been carried out within a few minutes and the program could work also with Windows 8 Consumer Preview. All information is shown clearly on the screen of the software, and you do not need to scour hidden menus or options to accomplish a simple task. WiNToBootic has many other notable features too including that it is a portable software so you can carry it to anywhere you want. Anyway, if you need a free program for creating working and functional bootable flash drives, then the WiNToBootic can the perfect choice. However, unlike other alternatives, WiNToBootic does not accept DVDs or CDs as storage media. The program is specifically designed to work with USB drives. More to read.
WiNToBootic is a small and portable tool of only 600KB. As being portable, you don’t need to separately install it on your system to use. Just download and double-click on the executable file to run. The UI of WiNToBootic simple and completely understandable. Just click on the Click Herebutton to select the ISO file of your OS and then select preferred flash drive. Mark on Quick Format if you want to perform a quick format before creating Bootable device. Once done, just click on Do It.
WiNToBootic Easily Create Bootable Flash Drive For Any Windows OS With Bootloader Flash [Windows] (2)
WiNToBootic the automatically flashes the bootloader, extracts the ISO file and then place it on the flash drive. Note that it might take sometime depending on your OS version and Hardware resource. Once it finishes, you will be able to use that bootable flash media anywhere.
WiNToBootic Easily Create Bootable Flash Drive For Any Windows OS With Bootloader Flash [Windows] (1)
During our test by ABC Trick Lab, we used a 32-Bit version of Windows 8 Consumer Preview to create a bootable Pen-Drive. WiNToBootic was able to easily and successfully create a bootable media pretty fast. The developer notes that WiNToBootic will only work for creating Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows Vista/Windows 2008 and Windows PE2/PE3.